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Can't get enough of the NFL? Get Schooled with “The Professor” John Clayton. Each week, 710 ESPN Seattle’s human database dives deep into a particular subject in and around the National Football League. In-depth analysis. Player interviews. Stories from a Football Hall of Fame career. Further your football education with new episodes each Thursday.
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Mar 2, 2017

You can call David Vobora "Mr. Irrelevant," the title bestowed each year to the very last pick in the NFL Draft, just don't call him "cheater." Vobora is one of many players who have gotten in trouble with the league for taking what they were told were acceptable supplements, only to find unlisted banned ingredients in their PED tests.

This week on SCHOOLED, The Professor talks to the former linebacker about suing the company that produced the supplement (he won a $5.4M judgement), NFL procedure for when a player decides to take supplements (there's a dedicated hotline), what it feels like when fans turn on you after you've done nothing wrong, and his non-profit gym dedicated to training athletes and military servicepeople who have sustained life-altering injuries. Learn more at

Feb 16, 2017

Super Bowl-winning Offensive Guard and broadcast hopeful Willie Colon joins The Professor this week on SCHOOLED to talk about some of the challenges he and other players face when they're no longer able to play the game they love.

Since the 2011 CBA, why is it harder to play longer in the NFL? Has that created a lack of role models for younger players? What about successful players tapping out early to focus on new career paths? And when do you know it's time to go?

Feb 9, 2017

Few journalists are closer to the latest Super Bowl champs than longtime New England Patriots reporter ESPN's Mike Reiss. His precious Pats are now tied for the 2nd-most NFL championships in history (behind Clayton's hometown Steelers).

So what is it about this team? How have they done so well in the era of salary caps? What is different about the culture in Foxboro? Is Brady simply the best QB ever? What does Bill Belichick do that other coaches don't?

The Professor has all the answers on this week's episode of SCHOOLED.

Feb 2, 2017

Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly played all of his 11 years in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills. Between 1991-1994, they played a record 4 consecutive Super Bowls, and although they lost each time, his revolutionary no-huddle "K-Gun" offense led to one of the league's greatest offensive juggernauts.

On this week's SCHOOLED, The Professor talks to his old pal Jim about his unusual path to the NFL (via the now defunct USFL), how choosing beer over a car for his MVP prize was a bad deal for the beer company, what made the 1983 NFL draft class - where Kelly was picked in the first round - so legendary, and why Joe Paterno was no fan of Clayton's.

Jan 26, 2017

Mike Leach, head coach of the Div 1 Washington State Cougars, has taken a unique path to where he is today. Lawyer, actor, and author were all on his resume before he became coach, but one thing is conspicuously absent: football player.

On this week's SCHOOLED, The Professor talks to Leach about the advantages to thinking outside the traditional playbook, Coach's role in creating the "Air Raid Offense," how the availability of tape has changed the game, and more!

Jan 19, 2017

With three generations of NFL players, the Matthews clan have played an unprecedented 832 games, been selected to 24 Pro Bowls, eight All-Pros, won a Super Bowl, and have a member in the NFL Hall of Fame.

That Hall of Famer, Bruce, joins our own Canton-ite John "The Professor" Clayton on this week's SCHOOLED. The uncle of Clay Matthews III and father of Jake Matthews (who will directly face off in the NFC championship game this Sunday), Bruce speaks candidly about planning his life around his kids' football experience, the toughest part about being in a family like his, and who will do better this weekend - Clay or Jake?

Jan 12, 2017

In his 40+ years of covering the NFL, The Professor calls Kenny Easley "one of the greatest football players I can remember." Considered one of football's great "what ifs," Kenny had to retire early due to kidney disease. Today, he is weeks away from being voted on for entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. On this week's Schooled, Kenny & Clayton discuss the moment Ken got his bad news, whether or not safeties are under-appreciated in the NFL, the inside scoop on Hall of Fame voting, and Kenny's present and future living with kidney disease.

Jan 5, 2017

Arguably the most successful agent in the history of the NFL, and the real-life inspiration for Tom Cruise's character in "Jerry Maguire," Leigh Steinberg joins The Professor on SCHOOLED to discuss the role agents play in professional sports.

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